About Fashion Copilot

Adding a touch of elegance to your wearable tech.

When wearable tech started to become more popular, it became obvious to us that being fashionable wasn't the top priority.  Having a background in jewelry design, the founders of FASHION COPILOT set out to solve this problem.  It's all started with with a goal to make FitBits a more attractive for everyday wear, and once the design concepts were finalized, it was an easy transition to the Apple Watch.  As a third party supplier of  FitBits, and Apple Watch Replacement Bands it is our goal to offer bands with fashion in mind.  There is no reason that fashion and function shouldn't co-exist.

Each of our bands is handcrafted using Genuine Swarovski Crystal.

FASHION COPILOT is in no way affiliated with Apple, or Fitbit.
Apple Watch is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.
Fitbit is a trademark of Fitbit Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.


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